Maslee Member Card is a loyalty programme created for our neighbours. It is one of Maslee’s way to reward loyal customers who shop at Maslee every day. Maslee members will earn points every time they purchase a product at any one Maslee outlet. Points collected can be used to redeem Maslee Vouchers or any selected products. Get your Maslee Member Card today!

Maslee Membership Card

Earn Points for Every Purchase

Turn every ringgit spent into points. Points collected will allow members to get more value from their purchases.

Reedem Gifts

Members can redeem special gifts on selected and exclusive items in the store on Members’ Day!

Redeem Vouchers

Prefer vouchers? Members can also redeem vouchers to use in their next visits instead of paying with cash.

Enjoy Special Membership Prices

Receive special Members only prices when you sign up as a Maslee Member on Maslee Members Day!

Participate in Lucky Draws

Members can also join Maslee’s special Lucky Draw events and gain a competitive advantage as Members.

Fast Point Accumulation

Member Privilege only Event

High Redemption Reward

Special Price for Member

Fix Point Value

Extra Point for Special Item

Redeem Exciting Gifts

Attractive Membership Reward

Card Service Hotline