Lucky Kitties Receive New Love

Who doesn’t love kittens? Maslee Express and SPCA Johor recently teamed up for their first Cat Adoption Drive initiative at Maslee Larkin Aman in support of getting pet owners for 30 rescued stray kittens and cats.


As most residents in Larkin Aman area were getting ready for their grocery shopping, they stopped by and decided to fill up the adoption forms to show their love towards the felines apart from getting certificates and vouchers for a years’ worth of cat food supplies.

“I adopted a kitten today for my daughter. As we hold this little one, it will replace the previous cat that we lost at our shop. I hope my daughter will be happy with her new companion,” said Hasmah Abd Malek who was on her way for grocery shopping at Maslee.

Lucky Kitties Receive New Love 1
Visitors at the SPCA Johor-Maslee Express cat adoption drive
Housewife Norwaheeda Omar with her three kids carved with smiles upon agreeing to bring back home a kitten as their first pet experience since playing with their neighbour’s cats.

Branch Manager of Maslee Larkin Aman, Hanifah Sidek mentioned that its outlet was the first to host such an event and felt like it is a call to give back to the society as the cats are now in the safe hands of their new pet owners and to foster care on pets among all walks of life.

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