Maslee Member Terms & Condition

Maslee Member Terms & Condition

1. Participation in the Maslee Coca-Cola Membership Card programme is open to all citizens and non-residents age 18 years old and above.

2. In order to become a Card Member, the applicant must agree to the terms and conditions which Company reserves the right to make amendments or variations from time to time.

3. Points collection will be reflected in the Card Member's account.

4. A card Member who has redeemed his points for any Coca-Cola products or services is not eligible for and refund or cancellation from the Company.

5. A Card Member is required to contact the Card Member Hotline number at 016-7218188 in the event of any query.

6. It is the Card Member’s responsibility to notify the Company of any changes of personal particulars, address, lost or damaged card.

7. The Card Member’s points are not transferable and cannot be sold or assigned to another individual.

8. The Card Member may terminate his/her membership anytime by giving notice in writing to Company, however there will be no refund made on termination of membership.

9. Card Member agrees to accept SMS from the company for its marketing and promotional purpose.

10. The Company reserves the right to restrict, suspend or change the features and benefits of the programme including the terms and conditions.

11. The Maslee Coca-Cola membership card is yearly renewal program with annual fees.

Card Service Hotline

016 - 7218 188