Maslee Coca - Cola membership card is a new loyalty program collaboration with Coca-Cola Company. Customer will earn double points with every Ringgit Malaysia purchase of selected Coca-Cola Company range of products

Visit nearby Maslee Store to apply for Coca Cola Membership Card

Get double points with every ringgit spend

With the partnership of Coca Cola and Maslee, you can enjoy extra points for every purchase! you can redeem more item than normal membership cards! Double points, Double the prize!

Special Price for Selected Products

As a Maslee coca cola members, you can enjoy a special price for a selected Coca Cola company range of products.

Redeem Exciting Gift

Who doesn't love gift! you can redeem exciting gift with your accumulate Coca Cola member cards point. It is redeemable during Maslee members day.

Get invited to Coca Cola Selected Events

Don't forget to mark your calendar and join the fun with Coca Cola selected events. There will be so many interesting activity to attend with your family and friends.

Attractive Membership Reward

Get attractive reward when you sign up for Maslee Coca cola card special from Coca Cola.

Card Service Hotline

016 - 7218 188