Maslee Coca-Cola membership card is a new loyalty program collaboration with Coca-Cola Company. Customer will earn double points with every Ringgit Malaysia purchase of selected Coca-Cola Company range of products

Visit a Maslee store nearby to apply for the Maslee Coca-Cola Member Card!

Get Double the Points with Every Ringgit Spend

Enjoy double the points with every purchase using the Maslee Coca-Cola Membership Card. Members can redeem more items compare to the normal membership card. Double the points, double the prize!

Special Price for Selected Products

As a Maslee Coca-Cola member card-holder, enjoy special prices for a selected Coca-Cola company range of products.

Redeem Exciting Gifts

Who doesn't love gifts? Members can redeem exciting gifts with an accumulation of Maslee Coca-Cola member cards points. It is redeemable during Maslee Members’ Day.

Get invited to Selected Coca-Cola Events

Members are reminded to not forget to mark their calendars and join the fun with selected Coca-Cola events. There will be so many interesting activities to attend with family and friends.

Attractive Membership Rewards

Members get attractive rewards when they sign up for Maslee Coca-Cola Membership.

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