FAQ: Membership Responsibility

When can I start using my Maslee Membership Card?

After the customer had filled in the registration form, they will be given their Maslee Membership Card, and the card can be directly used.

How do I collect points while purchasing at the cashier counter?

Just remember to bring your Maslee Membership Card every time you come shopping at Maslee. While making payment at the counter, customer can provide their Maslee Membership Card together with their payment, and points will be automatically transferred into their account.

Is the payment receipt important ?

Apart from recording a list of customer bought item and their price, the receipt also shown the total of point that customer will be gain upon this particular purchase. So, the payment receipt is important.

If I fail to present my Maslee Membership Card at the time of purchase, can I get the points re-credited to my account by presenting the receipt at a later time ?

The Maslee Membership Card is the only proof of cardholder right to enjoy the benefits. The verification mechanism is activated once the card is scanned on our machine during the transaction process and the card number is read successfully. Customers are advised to remember to bring their Maslee Membership Card whenever they shop at Maslee.

For a certain reason, can used my friend’s Maslee Membership Card to collect more points?

Points will be transferred into the cardholder account, doesn’t matter if the cardholder didn’t do the shopping. So, it is not recommended for customer to use other people's membership card.

Does every item sold in Maslee will give me points if I bought them?

There is no exceptional item. Customer will gain point even though they bought the purchase-with-purchase (PWP) promotion item.

Can I earn points even if my payment is by using the credit card?

Yes. Any kind of payment enables customer to collect point. 

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