FAQ : Maslee Membership Card

What is Maslee Member Card?

Maslee Member Card is a loyalty programme created for our neighbours. It is one of Maslee’s way to reward loyal customers who shop at Maslee every day.

How does the Maslee Member Card work?

Members will earn points every time they purchase goods at any one of Maslee outlets. Points collected can be used to redeem Maslee vouchers or selected items. For every RM1 spent at Maslee, members will gain 1 point.

Are there any exceptions to collect points when purchasing items?

No. Purchase-with-purchase (PWP) item are also included.

Where can I use my Maslee Member Card?

This card can be used at any Maslee outlet.

Can I use this card at other supermarkets?

At the moment, the Maslee Member Card can only be use at Maslee outlets.  

Does this programme have an expiry date?

No. There is no expiration on the Maslee Member Card.

Are my personal information safe?

Maslee can assure that members’ personal information is safe and secured. The information will never be shared with other parties. Maslee limits the usage of Member information within Maslee Group and processes the information for business and marketing purposes only.

Is Maslee Member Card a credit card?

No. A Maslee Member Card is a card that enables Members to collect points when shopping at Maslee. The points can be redeemed in form of vouchers or selected items at Maslee.

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