FAQ : Maslee Membership Card

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What is Maslee Membership Card?

Maslee Membership Card is a loyalty scheme created for the neighborhoods as it is one of Maslee way of rewarding the loyal customer who frequently does shopping at Maslee.

How does the Maslee Membership Card Works?

Customers will be earning points every time they purchased at any of the Maslee’s outlet, and the collected points can be redeemed with Maslee’s voucher or with selected item.

How does to collect points for the Maslee Membership Card?

For any RM1 spent at Maslee, customer will gain 1 point in their Maslee Membership Card

Is there any exception item?

No. Purchase-with-purchase (PWP) item is also included.

Where can I use my Maslee Membership Card?

This card can be used around any of the Maslee’s outlet.

Can I use this card at another supermarket?

For the time being, this card can only be used at the Maslee outlet. From time to time, Maslee will improve the points and promotion partner for the Maslee Membership Card scheme. Any changes will be updated to the customer soon

Does this scheme have an expiry date?

No. Maslee Membership Card does not expire.

Are Maslee is sharing the customer information with another company?

Maslee can assure that the customer information is safe and secured, and will never be shared with another company except from Maslee. Maslee will only be limiting the usage of customer information for Maslee Group only and for the processing card information business, and for marketing purposes only.

Does Maslee membership card can be regarded as a credit card?

No. A Maslee membership card is a card that enables you to collect points upon shopping at Maslee. The collected points can be redeemed with voucher, or selected item, depends on the activities that will be organized by Maslee from time to time. The more you shop, the more point will be accumulated.

Card Service Hotline

016 - 7218 188