FAQ: Card Usage

When can a Member start using their Maslee Member Card?

After the customer has registered, they will receive their Maslee Members Card. The card can be used straightaway.

How does a Member collect points when purchasing at Maslee Express?

Remember to bring the Member Card when going to Maslee Express. While making payment at the cash-out counter, Members can present their Maslee Member Card and points will be automatically transferred into their account.

What are payment receipts?

The Payment receipt records the list of items that a customer has purchased at Maslee. Members can also refer to the receipt to check their points balance.

If a Member fails to present their Maslee Member Card at the time of purchase, can they claim points by presenting the receipt at a later time?

The Maslee Member Card is the only proof of membership and the Member’s right to enjoy the benefits. The verification mechanism is only activated and successful once the card is scanned on the machine during the transaction process. Members are advised to remember to bring their Maslee Member Card whenever they shop at Maslee.

Can a customer use another Member’s card to collect points?

Yes. Points will be transferred into the cardholder account, it doesn’t matter if the cardholder is not present. But, it is not recommended to use other Member’s card as the point will not be able to be transferred.

Will all the items at Maslee provide points to Members?

There are no exceptions to collecting points at Maslee. Members will gain points even though they bought purchase-with-purchase (PWP) promotion items.

Can a Member earn points when paying using a credit card?

Yes. Any kind of payment enables a Member to collect points.