Maslee & The Iskandarian Join Hands to Bring Smiles for Raya

Dubbed as a ‘Share 2 Care’ innitiative, Maslee Express joined hands with The Iskandarian to bring festive joy to their shoppers in conjunction with the Ramadan month, and made the day for approximately 16 families in their Tampoi SEDC/ Taman Kemas outlet.

To lift the burden of others and spreading the vibe of kindness in one’s self, the inaugural project saw Maslee Express & The Iskandarian paying the grocery bills for randomly selected families as they shopped for their festive season celebration and daily necessities. A legal firm clerk, Suhaila Ezatkhan said she was very lucky to be in the Tampoi outlet on that day and felt very touched when her household items were paid for in advance as she usually shopped in the Larkin outlet.

A Chinese gentleman who did not want to be named said, “This is the first time someone paid for my groceries. I hesitated when a girl appeared behind me and said she wanted to pay for my groceries since I have a lot in my trolley. I hope they (Maslee) will continue this effort more in future for the less fortunate.”

Many of the fortunate shoppers were feeling heartened and happy because someone else was paying for their items, while a few were seen dazed and confused as if they were pranked under hidden cameras!


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